Welcome to Actel's Online RH/RT Customer Owned IHP Request. This online system is used for providing Actel with customer programming requirements.

Actelís RH/RT Customer Owned IHP Request is a secured https web system. Files uploaded are immediately encrypted and moved directly to the secured Programming Server. The Programming Server is protected by two physical switches and two firewalls. Programming files uploaded via this system are not accessible outside the programming area. Actel personnel are not privy to any information other than parameters needed to program the units.

When returning RH/RT product for programming, customers are encouraged to supply additional units in case of programming fallout. All units will be returned to the customer.

Programming travelers used are for Actel internal processing only and are not available for shipment to customers.

Unfortunately Actel is not able to accommodate requests from customers to witness programming and/or to wait at the Actel facility for programming completion.

Please provide your name and email address below. Click on the link in your confirmation email to continue with the process.

Frequently Asked Questions
*Please note that a valid email address is required, for both the submission of the files and the final approval of the RH/RT Customer Owned IHP Request. A valid Actel issued RMA number is required, when parts are supplied by the customer.
** Please note that effective October 1, 2013, Microsemi SoC Corp. will begin charging for all customer-owned IHP requests (there will continue to be no charge for RT programming prior to unit shipment, provided the customer submits the programming code(s) at time of P.O. placement). Please see the FAQ for details or contact your local Sales Office. **

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